The past few days I've been spending time with Tyler's family for the Vance Family Reunion! It's been so much fun to spend time with his family, and especially Tyler's little sisters, who are the cutest girls ever. We spent the first day at an amusement park called Silverwood. You know that feeling where your stomach goes into your throat, you can't really breath and a rush of adrenaline flows through your entire body? Well that happens to be one of my favorite feelings in the whole world and so I was ALL over the roller coaster rides!

Rachel and I

The main cabin

Walking into Silverwood - so excited!

Stephanie, Rachel and I waiting in line

Today, I got to go to the temple for the third time since Tyler and I have been married. We went to the Spokane, Washington temple. It was such a beautiful temple and I have fallen in love with Spokane. There are huge pines and evergreens EVERYWHERE and it's breathtaking! In Utah, you can spot the glowing temple and golden Moroni from far away, but its a little different in Spokane. As we drove up to the temple, we were getting closer but I couldn't see anything. All of the sudden, the temple appeared out of no where and it was surrounded by beautiful trees! We had a little dilemma when I forgot my temple recommend but there's no better feeling to finally be in the temple, even after a stressful morning, and feel at complete peace. I'm so grateful for the Temple and to be married to my best friend!

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