As of today, Tyler and I have officially been married for one month! It has been the most relaxing, exciting, fun, new different, adjusting, and best month of my life. Here's a few random tidbits about married life..

  • You’re both different. And that's just fine.
  • Being social isn't as fun as it was when I was single. 
  • Date nights are way more fun, mostly because the sexual tension isn't so high.
  • Being able to have and decorate your own apartment is a girl’s dream, if you didn’t know. 
  • Being able to use up your entire fridge and freezer, and not having to clean up after roommates anymore… is great. 
  • Being in a married ward is weird and I'm trying to get used to it. Everyone has a baby.
  • There’s no better feeling that being able to snuggle with your sweetheart before bed until you fall asleep and then wake up right next to each other. 
  • Husbands can be an adjustment to live with, especially after not having any brothers. He now pours his milk into a glass, puts the toilet seat down, and I am trying to be more tolerant.
  • I love to cook, more than I thought I would. He loves to eat. It works out great.
  • Sundays have become our most favorite day. 
  • Wedding gifts are the greatest blessing. We use our kitchenaid and vitamix daily. (For cookies and milkshakes of course)
  • It’s kind of fun to realize that we are starting our own family and can do it however we choose. We are off to a good start with couple scripture study daily, temple trips monthly, and FHE weekly.

Being married is so fun and I am a lucky girl to be married to Tyler.

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