Haha. I'm laughing just thinking about how funny the past 24 hours were. Yesterday afternoon, Tyler started begging me to go camping. To start, I really do like camping but he wanted to drive two hours south to camp and then go to a natural springs park called Lava Hot Springs the next day. I was leaning against it because I knew by the time we got all the supplies, plus driving there and back, food and admission to Lava we would be looking at about $90. I was hesitant because I've been really trying to stick to this budget that I made for Tyler and I. (the budget that he doesn't seem to care about haha) Anyways, my husband is adorable, convincing and charming so we decided to go. Our friend Dane agreed to lend us his tent. I told Tyler that I would come but I was in the middle of writing our wedding thank you cards so I put him in charge of packing. We headed down to Idaho Falls to grab some supplies on the way down. We stopped for a late lunch at Cafe Rio and then dessert at a yummy frozen yogurt place called Orange Leaf. Good start right?

We then stopped by Wal-Mart. We got wood, a cooler, supplies for tin-foil dinners, and starbursts. 

I asked Tyler if he remembered our lighter so we could start a fire. What do you think happened? We then went and bought matches. Little did I know, this example would start a pattern. Our total was quickly adding up. We needed firewood, ice, a flashlight, and other random things that we either didn't have or were forgotten at home. $50 total. 

It was starting to get dark as we left Idaho Falls. By the time we got to our campsite two hours later, it was. We were so glad we got that flashlight. We set up our tent and started on our tin foil dinners. I was a little unsettled about these because let's be honest, they could go wrong in so many ways. Ty built us a fire and did an amazing job! He balanced our dinners on roasting sticks and felt like a true outdoorsman.

And guess what?
They turned out PERFECT!

During all of this, we had a large group next to of us that were being really loud and rowdy. We were having fun too though and it didn't bother us much. After eating our yummy dinner, roasting starburst and stargazing, we decided to go watch a movie on my laptop in our tent. I went to set up our bed. Tyler, my sweet husband, packed one memory foam mattress topper for us to sleep on, a pillow, and 1 (ONE) small blanket. It was 45 degrees, and we were both freezing. I was wondering how the night would pan out haha.

We got settled though and started our movie. As we were watching it, this group of (WASTED) people thought it would be a good idea to drive their truck up the mountain we were next to. We got out of our tent to watch, because it was kind of entertaining. They got it stuck and were being so reckless. I was getting nervous because they kept driving their 4-wheelers past us really fast and I was so paranoid that they would accidentally run into our tent in the dark! 

After our movie, we tried to sleep despite our lack of blankets, the freezing temperature, and the loud crazies next to us. It was a pretty rough night, and neither of us could get any sleep because we were just shivering all night! Finally, at 5am, we decided to pack up and head home. HAHA. We knew that we wouldn't even have fun at the swim park because we were both SO exhausted. We were laughing the whole time. Partially because we were freezing, partially due to exhaustion, and partially because how pathetic are we?!

I'm still glad we went. I always have so much fun with Tyler and we are just loving our newlywed life right now. It's the best to be married to your best friend. Priceless actually.

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