This week, I am in the beautiful Couer D'Alene, Idaho. It is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Driving here, Tyler and I had one of the funnest road trips of our lives! We decided to take the more scenic route to get here from Rexburg, and I am so glad we did.

It started out with us driving passed a small town in Montana called Dell. My dad has talked a few times about this place to eat in Dell called Calf-A. (Clever.. ) We were feeling really spontaneous and decided to stop for some food. It's a restaurant-style diner that is in an old schoolhouse from the early 1900's. They still haven't taken down the chalkboards and letters up on the wall. I overheard that the population in Dell is 37 people. 37!!! Either way, it's a small town with a big restaurant. We walked inside and didn't know exactly what we were supposed to do and just stood there uncomfortably. A couple minutes later, we asked one of the women if we should seat ourselves or wait to be seated. She walked over to another table with 3 men and asked if we could sit there. At this point, I was feeling extremely awkward and uncomfortable. After she had said that, I suddenly remembered my dad telling me about that - they seat everyone "family style" and at the same table as complete strangers. We hesitantly sat with these three men and began talking with them. When the men found out that I was from Utah, they had a lot of questions about the LDS Church so Ty and I had an hour-long missionary experience as they were very curious, open and accepting. We became good friends with these strangers and it turned out to be one of the best afternoons! We said goodbye, and they went on their way. The waitress came over a couple minutes later and said, "Just so you know, they covered your check. They didn't want you to know until they left." I was so touched with their generosity for a young couple who were complete strangers just an hour before. It made me want to go out and do a random act of kindness for someone else. Here are a few photos of the one-of-a-kind "Calf-A":

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